Ladles and Lifting Beams
Ladles and Lifting Beams
For more than 20 years, RTC has been specializing in the maintenance of ladles and lifting beams. We differentiate ourselves with our unique and productive work method at a lower cost. For quality work from an experienced team, you can count on RTC.
Thermal Relaxation
Thermal Relaxation
For your short or long term site needs, with qualified technicians, who wish to see the job well done, with a high-technology heating unit, RTC can travel anywhere in Canada.
Welding and Cutting of Plates
Welding and Cutting of Plates
For your small and big plate welding or cutting projects, according to your needs, with qualified and CWB certified staff. For high performance (quality) work, RTC stands out with its quality work and for projects delivered in respect of delivery schedules.
  • Maintenance and repairs of ladles and lifting beams
  • Maintenance and repairs of mining and forestry equipment
  • Manufacturing of wear plates and of mineral chutes
  • Manufacturing of various mechanical equipment, conveyors, and hydraulic legs
  • Manufacturing of industrial pipes
  • Manufacturing of custom-made materials
  • Rolling of steel plates, manufacturing of reservoirs
  • Cleaning with sandblasting as well as painting in the plant
  • Manufacturing of lifting equipment as well as hot riveting of parts
  • Mobile thermal relaxation service
  • Consulting services
  • Space Rental
  • Manufacturing of FAW buildings